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They are both lovely people, and honest – and that’s really important. They are also local and active in our community which says a lot about someone. They’ve remained very much in touch.

About Robert

Robert is the Company Director and came to Manchester as a student, fell in love with the place and has been here ever since. He hails from a long line of builders of everything from machines to houses and office blocks.

Having gained his BSc, Robert bought and renovated his first house, coming to the realisation that the processes of conceptual design and the subsequent build were for him, the most rewarding activities imaginable.

He has managed projects for both personal development and commercial contracts, and his experience and knowledge ensure that projects are completed in the most practical, expedient and time-efficient manner. He is proud of the company’s growing reputation and the fact that clients are happy to recommend him and his team.

About Maria

Maria has worked for the last 20 years for a reputable international company project managing and organising events as well as delivering various initiatives against business plans.

In her spare time Maria also organises local community events and these include an Arts Festival and a Charity Open Gardens day. Her interest in buildings, gardens and design means that she often spends time with Robert to share ideas for client projects and supports the team with various aspects of the business and project delivery.