leapfrog garden office leapfrog garden office leapfrog garden office

a traditional yet contemporary work place for all seasons …in the garden

The client needed additional space to work and take time out to relax but didn’t have room for an extension.  The ideal place was in the garden, and a garden office. This provided the space and a fabulous view to the house, lovely borders and lawns in this beautiful garden.  The key requirements for the garden office was to create a space that would be traditional and in keeping with the build of the existing house.  Plenty of light and just the right amount of space to work and occasionally put your feet up, were  important, as well as having a well insulated building so that the client could enjoy being in there all year round.  The result was a visually pleasing, larch-clad, garden office…with a view, which fits perfectly with the rest of the property!